Enstone Pre-school
policies & procedures

We have policies and procedures in place covering all aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage Standards for Learning, Development and Care for children from birth to five.  Copies of all our policies and procedures are available for you to see at the setting.

The setting’s policies help us to make sure that the service provided by the setting is a high quality one and that being a member of the setting is an enjoyable and beneficial experience for each child and her/his parents.

The staff and parents of the setting work together to adopt the policies and they all have the opportunity to take part in the annual review of the policies.  This review helps us to make sure that the policies are enabling us to provide a quality service for its members and the local community.

The Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements

We have adopted the following policies. To view a policy, click the name to download a pdf version:

All these policies can be found in our ‘Safeguarding and Welfare Document’ Folders. If you would like to view and/or contribute to any of these policies please talk to a member of staff or committee member. Copies can be made available on request. A brief summary of some of our policies can be found in the following:

Pre-school Prospectus

Toddler Prospectus